Cure Your Tendonitis Elbow

Lateral epicondylitis is a condition which involves the dislocation of tendons of forearms, especially in people who use their hands a lot. That is why this problem is often diagnosed in tennis players and blacksmiths. This condition is commonly called the tennis elbow or tendonitis in elbow. It causes a lot of pain for several weeks and if it is not treated on timely basis it can result in a larger problem. If the disease is treated properly it is completely cure in a couple of weeks, depending upon the extent of damage to the tendon.

tennis elbow Cure Your Tendonitis Elbow

The pain caused by tendonitis in elbow increases with time therefore a person should treat the problem as soon as it is diagnosed. Tennis elbow is a very common problem as it is mere damage to the tendons of extensor muscles of the forearm caused if pressure is applied on the forearms. There are various symptoms including pain, discomfort and pulsating wrist. Tennis elbow should be cured immediately through medicines or exercises because neglecting the pain might harm the forearm even more.  Tendonitis in elbow treatment can prolong to several weeks but it wholly depends upon the level of damage occurred to the tendon.

Tendonitis in elbow can be healed by giving the elbow some rest. Applying ice packs on immediate injury also minimize the pain cause by the injury but it is temporary. Permanent Tendonitis in elbow treatment involves massage, medication and several exercises. Massage can be a very good option for small injuries to the elbow. The pressure in the elbow can be released by elevating the elbow to heart area. This not only heals tennis elbow but also results in lower pain. Some people suggest that tennis elbow can be only cured by surgery. But in fact most patients can cure this by proper exercises and medications.

There are many different treatments for this problem depending upon the damage done to the tendons. The most important treatment is giving rest to your elbow for a few weeks. In addition to massage there are many different exercises which doctors advise their patients. Other treatments include dry needling, Prolotherapy and injecting hormones in the affected areas.

Prolotherapy involves injecting some irritant in the affected tendon to relive pressure and this heals the tendon. Dry needling is also relevant t Prolotherapy but it includes only creating irritation through needles by physiotherapists to heal the tendons. Moreover, a hormone is also injected in the affected tendon in order to heal it. This process is effective however it takes about 1 month to be completely effective.

If you are playing tennis or doing some work by hand and suddenly start feeling pain in your forearms of wrists, you should go visit your doctor. If there is no doctor nearby you should elevate your elbow to the heart are and apply heat packs to lower the pain. If proper treatment is done tendonitis in elbow can be cured completely without damaging the forearm anymore.

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